Arkansas Wood Doors (AWD) guarantees that all of its manufactured products will be supplied free from defect in workmanship and materials for one year from date of AWD invoice. Warp tolerance will be 1/8”/3mm from diagonal corners, size tolerance is +/-1/16”/2mm. Due to the inherent nature of wood, it is possible for contraction and or expansion to occur. This possible “movement” makes it necessary to set a joint tolerance for our miter style doors of +/-1/32”/.8mm. Doors void of AWD warranty include: over 24”/610mm in width, over 40”/1016mm in length and supplied as a single panel, or manufactured “out” of AWD’s standard procedure per customer’s request. Naturally occurring characteristics in material such as mineral streaks, color, burls, grain patterns, etc are not considered defects. AWD shall not be held liable for improper storage, finishing, handling, assembling, or installation. AWD will only be liable for products ordered by the customer and will not be liable for additional costs incurred by the customer for finishing, installation, labor, etc to remove and/or install the newproduct.All claims must me made within 7 days of AWD invoice date. AWD may request defective product to be returned for inspection, if so AWD will arrange for carrier to collect product. Please re-package the item for safe shipment back to AWD. Upon our receipt and inspection AWD will issue a credit toward replacement. Replacement orders are processed and usually shipped within 3 days of notice.Freight Damage is not the responsibility of AWD. All freight companies require that customer inspect the delivered condition of all cartons/pallets prior to signing and accepting delivery. We recommend making the follow notation on each weigh bill presented by the carrier: “SUBJECT TO FURTHER INSPECTION FOR POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE.” Fromourexperience, AWD recommends that you inspect each door within 24 hours of date of delivery and file claim immediately with carrier.